Make in India turns to Rape in India

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Slogan was MAKE in India not RAPE in India

I am feared of reading newspaper, I am feared of watching news channels, I am feared of going outside and even living in my own house..

there are many more girls like me who are not feeling safe to go school, coaching classes, college, work place and even the malls. 

Every new day start with a new incident of Rape with no age bars and each created its own history in crossing the brutality. I really want to ask for what we are punished? Why can’t we feel safe in our own country?

I appreciate the death penalty law for the rapist of girls under 12, I know it’s unimaginable to withstand their pain and sufferings but what about the girls who were teenagers and adults?

Please suppport me to raise the voice so that the government thinks over the girls above 12 who are being raped and also as we can’t change the mentality and increasing statistics of rape I want it mandatory for girls in the institutions, companies to give self defence training.

Please sign this petition as much as you can so that we can make this happen so that the government takes the necessary steps on this.