Make Facebook and eBay curtail scalpers.

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The recent scalping of various electronic products, specifically in regards to video gaming (graphics cards, next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, etc) is entirely out of control. These products, with a very clear and unmistakable pricepoint, are being resold on secondhand marketplaces like Facebook and eBay for anywhere from double to triple to even quadruple MSRP, sold by scalpers who used bots to buy these items out of stock, to artificially inflate supply to resell them at these egregious prices.

This practice, nevermind needing to be outlawed on a federal level, is disgusting and takes advantage of many unsuspecting people, and Facebook and eBay heads should be ashamed of themselves for allowing and facilitating these kinds of practices.

Please sign this petition to make them curtail and vet posts to their website. Hopefully with enough support, they will listen and stop allowing people to take advantage of their customers in this fashion.