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Information about Fact Checks for Widely Shared News is Possible and Urgently Needed

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False news is keeping people misinformed about issues. Partisan organizations and social media marketers can start blogs with fake news stories and promote the links on Facebook and other social media inexpensively, flooding people with false information and fake stories. 

However, MUCH of the false information that is shared widely gets fact checked by reputable organizations by the time they become popular! Organizations such as politifact,, snopes, and others, all fact check many of the popular claims that people share.

This affects social beliefs, news, and politics. Since our well being as a civilization hinges on people understanding the facts about what's going on, it is important that steps can be taken against flooding our news feeds, facebook feeds, twitter feeds, etc. with misinformation. It would take very simple techniques that are already available to simply display some type aggregate ratings from various reputable fact checking organizations for widely shared posts, or maybe several individual ratings, or there's other things that can be done, but the point is, SOMETHING can be done. Since social media companies profit massively from people paying to spread information, it is the right thing for them to do. It is entirely possible, necessary, and very urgent. 

I care about the future of our society, and it is distressing to see attitudes and beliefs hijacked by interests paying to spread misinformation and false beliefs. And who even KNOWS who's paying the people spreading the information. Special interests, wealthy individuals, partisan organizations, corporations, political operatives, and even foreign interests, there's a lot of vested interest in spreading misinformation and they do NOT have the well being of the average citizen in mind. We must be vigilant to protect our future. We could do something about this, and it would be very easy. Please sign the petition to let Facebook, and other similar organizations know that if they are going to profit from people paying to spread stories, that it is only right that they take some very simple steps to also let us know how accurate the information is. 

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