Lift Tommy Robinson's Facebook ban

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Tommy Robinson has been banned from Facebook less than 24 hours after releasing a video exposing the BBC and HOPE not Hate's questionable actions and involvement into Panorama, an upcoming documentary on Tommy Robinson. 

This is an extremely serious matter. This is an attack on democracy, freedom of speech, rights that all of us are entitled to no matter what our opinions are. 

He has been banned for inciting hatred on Facebook, based on allegations that are completely false. What about the ongoing and never-ending vicious attacks by the left on right-wing individuals and political institutions, and the vast amounts of fake news produced by the left, which all never seem to be banned at all ? Censorship cannot and should not be one-sided. There is a very clear, unjust bias and hatred towards the right, and this is unacceptable. 

I am a person from an ethnic minority myself and I am entitled to have different views. The Right is not synonymous with racism and xenophobia. This is not about reprimanding the left or the right. This is about respecting freedom of speech, which must be permitted to all.

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