Let's get Saad Ayub back on Facebook

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I am Saad Ayub, i am real, i exist, and like a billion others on this planet, i have a facebook account, or at least had one, until Facebook took it down two weeks ago. Over the past decade my presence on social media has shaped up many of my life decisions, from opting for a career that relied heavily on social media platforms; primarily on Facebook as my go to tool for marketing. Even my social life, and a majority of my networking relies on the usage of the platform.

After having appealed to facebook and providing them with a photo of my identity card indeed proving that i am the person show on the account, as they had asked, i was met with a disable from facebook with the following email 

The words "this decision is final" is distressing for it not only impacts my work, and my social life, but with it over a decade of memories and documentation of my life on the platform have also been taken away from me. After having filed countless appeals to the platform, i feel desperate to salvage whatever memories i have in there, and only there; my highschool, my college, my major life events, my vacations, everything just gone.


The power of one platform to basically cut me off from so much of my life is daunting, and the fact that my requests are only dignified with an automated response is even worse. I want to get back to operating my business page, engage with my contacts, and make facebook realize that they now yield the power to basically cut people from their sense of community, and society by banning them from the most popular social media platform in the world.

I would like my account back, and with it much of my life.