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facebook: Let artists share their music freely through their Fanpage free of charge.

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Being able to share your music without interference is make or break for most underground artists. These people spend long hours and stay up night after night working on music they love in hopes of an already slim chance of making something from it. Facebook & the internet are supposed to be their to connect people with their friends, business associates, and families so why should an artists fanbase be treated any differently? 
An artist's fans ARE their friends, business associates, and family. Facebook has implemented a number of things that have made it increasingly harder to reach your fans. People like pages obviously because they would like to be informed about it, but with how many pages people like on a daily basis it can easily become overwhelming to go back to each of the pages you enjoy to comply with Facebook's seemingly pointless requirements of making sure A. it's in your newsfeed and then B. also having to click "get notifications " just to be sure the posts even show up! 
Or you have the choice of their alternative, pay them ridiculous amounts of money that most people don't just have laying around to begin with and especially not to promote a page on Facebook to people who already WILLINGLY liked the page.

Facebook needs to put an end to this. They call themselves a "Social Network" yet they interfere with their users choices and what people can and can't see.

That doesn't sound very social to me at all.

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