Keep Facebook "24+1" messaging rule

Keep Facebook "24+1" messaging rule

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Vince Ng started this petition to Facebook

By 15-Jan-2020, Facebook plans to change the "24+1" messaging rule to only "24". This means that pages are not allowed to message users once a 24 hours window of last interaction has past, unless it's a sponsored message.

But that will turn a great B2C/C2C messaging app into a sponsored junk box. (Like an email spam box)

Let me explain why.

1. When advertisers are required to pay to reach out to their subscribers, they will want a return. So don't expect much valuable, fun, or creative content being sent out. 90% of these sponsored messages are going to be promotions, offers, and 'Top-of-Funnel' links.

For example, I opted in on a travel page for their 'Monday Jokes'. With the updated ruling, I don't think they will be sending these jokes anymore as it will cost them about $40,000 to send to their million subs. What about weekly health tips? Home decoration ideas? The list goes on... 

2. Content creators (musicians, vloggers etc.) are known to be the ones that keep Facebook a vibrant platform. They can easily amass tens of thousand or even millions of subscribers. However, it won't make sense for them to send their subscribers updates on their latest release, as it will cost them a bomb with sponsored message, and the return won't justify their cost due to low margin (unless again, they're trying to sell something, which is not what Facebook core value is about)

3. The whole messenger platform will become so sale-sy, and in time users will ditch it altogether, which benefits no one. Not Facebook, not the advertisers, not the end-users. Because there are many other “ad-free” messaging apps such as whatsapp, wechat, telegram, line etc.

So what's the alternative?

We understand Facebook is removing the +1 because of 'spammers'. However, the +1 is not the problem. The problem is pages that don't comply to the rules, and go ahead to send +2, +3, +4 messages after subscriber's last interaction.

So to counter that, Facebook should RESTRICT broadcasting of messages outside of +1. (Unless they are approved news organizations, or eligible for the 4 remaining tags)

The beauty of this is, if you’re sending useful info that the subs actually cares about, you can keep them in the loop by asking a simple question like “Would you like to receive our health tips next week?”

But if your message does not interest your subs, your window is closed.

This will encourage creativity to send more interesting and engaging content, instead of thinking “what kind of offer should I give to get the highest return with a sponsored message?”

But does that mean no one’s gonna send sponsored message, and we’re just getting a free ride with Facebook amazing messaging platform? 

No! There are ton of occasions to use sponsored message when it’s time to make a sale! What good is all these effort if we don’t make sales right? But this way, sales is not all messenger is about. And it will be those pages that has been giving good content that will stand out.

Do look at the big picture. If users lose interest in a platform, it's hard to get them back. Removing the "+1" is to no one's best interest.

This app has so so much potential. If you believe messenger should encourage creativity instead of turning itself into an advertising spam box, do support this petition!

Thank you!

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