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Jax hasn't seen his Dad in 6 months. How can you help?

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Jackson Christoper Nealey was born Novemeber 20th, 2014 at New Hanover Women's & Children Hospital. The 9 months leading up to his birth there was nobody more excited and nervous about having a son than me. A now 35 year old recovering addict and alcoholic. Up to this point I honestly hadn't been a very good human being or husband when I look back at my actions with a sober mind. God had blessed me right out the gate ,but I took advantage of it and never truly recognized what I had until it was gone. 

Leading up to Jackson birth I had started drinking more. I don't know if I was because I was nervous about being a dad or the disease saw a good opportunity to take hold. I also started taking amphetamines to just keep up with life in general. I rationalized my actions with the situation I was in and would get it under control when things calmed down. 

When Jackson was born I was on top of the world. I actually stopped drinking and using drugs for 3 weeks after his birth. I was so proud of him and showed him off on social media like he was in line to be the prince of whales one day. I picked the drinking and drugs back up shortly after he was home and settled. I was an amazing dad early on. I looked forward to him waking up in the morning and loved rocking him to sleep at night. My wife stayed home with him the first few months of his life and then he started daycare around 4 months old. I took him to daycare every morning after an hour playing outside and the spent another 30 minutes making fake pancakes with him and his friends at daycare every morning. Jackson got compliments everywhere he went and my confidence and arrogance were through the roof. I had the most beautiful child God had ever made and he was mine. This is where I was wrong. He was God's.  

A few months before his second birthday my drinking and drugging had caught up with me. I stopped putting Jackson first and had turned into a terrible husband. One weekend my wife sent me to the gas station to fill up the Range Rover and by the time I got back she had packed up her and Jackson up and they were gone. 

Me in a big house without my wife and the little boy I loved more than anything in the world. It would be a understatement to say I was bad over the next year. I was the purest form of evil to anyone and everyone associated with me losing my son. I went to rehab a few times ,but I knew the day I walked in all I was doing was getting my tolerance back up and giving a few people that still believed in me false hope. 

I was in and out of trouble, jail, and selling false promises to anyone who listen. Through all this god had kept me around. I wasn't sure why. Why would god keep a terrorist around? I was terrorizing people who I had thought had done me wrong and I kept getting a free pass. 

Then it all made sense one day. I got a call from the daycare that Jackson was sick. At this point I still got visitations. I went and picked him and put him in my bed. I was working from home so I brought my work laptop and sat on the bed with him after giving him some Tylenol. A few minutes later Jackson took one loud gasping breath of air and then nothing. I picked him up and couldn't get him to respond. I called children's hospital emergency line and spoke to a woman for less than 30 seconds. She said I needed to call 911. At this point he was blue and his eyes had rolled back into his head. I ran out the door with Jax in a diaper and me shirtless with no shoes on. I told the neighbor in her yard to let the emergency room know we were on the way. I put Jackson in front passenger seat. He was blue and foaming at the mouth and just slid down the seat. I was on the phone with my dad panicking and then remembered my dog Max I saved from Parvo since a pup had breathing issue where his laranyx closed up. I did exactly what I had done to Max a dozen times. Two fingers right down his throat and spread my fingers. Jackson immediately spit up vomit and bile and started crying. It was the happiest I had ever been to hear him cry. He was admitted to the Women's & Children's hospital for a week and was diagnosed with larynogotracheitis. I dont know if I saved him that day ,but he saved me. 

I went back to rehab two more times. This time I took it serious and while I did fail again for the 5th time in less than year I knew in my heart I was close. The 6 sixth time the "miracle" happened and I've been sober for 6 months.  

I've paid my time to the justice system,  I believe I'm even with god and preach faith and forgiveness on a daily basis, and my family got back what they wanted from the start. Their son and brother.

My wife has yet to forgive me. While it will always be up in the air if we could have done more for each other to make it work during this trying time. I'm asking that I not be punished by not being able to see my child, my best friend, and my hero. I love my son and he loves me. He shouldn't be punished for my wrong doings. Jax being kept away from his dad out of spite is just as evil as anything I did on my worse day.

I don't have many real life friends. My family, my rehab family, and Jackson social media posse are my witnesses. The judge says I need witness and honestly I'm getting desperate. Many of you I have never met ,but those photos and videos of Jackson smiling every morning to start your day. I was on the other side of that camera.

Please don't feel obligated. If you feel I deserve a second chance with my son Jackson from our personal encounters or our social media adventures please sign the petition.

Thank you - Jon



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