Jawar Mohammed is Facebook's political prisoner! #FreeJawarMohammed #UnblockJawar

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We call upon Facebook to immediately unblock the Facebook account of Jawar Mohammed, the Executive Director of Oromia Media Network and a prominent Ethiopian political activist with over 1.2 million followers.

It is particularly disconcerting to see Facebook block Jawar’s account at this critical time when the Ethiopian people are campaigning to free all political prisoners in Ethiopia. Jawar, as long time and prolific user of Facebook for over 13 years, has significant role in this effort of the Ethiopian people to free themselves of the existing repressive regime.

We could not imagine Facebook to be used or seen to be used as a collaborator and instrument of repression and incarceration of tens of thousands of Ethiopian people by compromising the privacy and data of millions Ethiopian social media users.

It is important to note here that the Ethiopian regime arrested activists like Yonatan Tesfaye, former spokesperson of the opposition Blue Party, for legitimate Facebook posts and comments.

The act of blocking Jawar Mohanmmed’s account by Facebook is against the privacy and user guidelines of the Facebook itself. It is violent’s his freedom of expression and information. This act of the Facebook will not bode well with millions of Ethiopian Facebook users.

This uncalled for measure by Facebook will taint the image and credibility of this social media platform among over hundred million Ethiopian population and global Facebook users.

We call upon the Facebook executives to immediately unblock the account of Jawar Mohammed and publically apologize to the millions of Ethiopian Facebook users who feel Facebook might compromise their privacy and personal data.