It's time for Facebook and Instagram to stop discriminating women bodies!

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It’s time for us to say STOP - to Facebook and Instagrams view of women.
The last couple of weeks the Swedish users of Instagram have seen an increase in accounts being punished by Instagram for publishing pictures with partial nudity. The pictures in question do NOT show nipples or genitals, which would in fact be a violation. What the pictures do have in common is that they show bodies that doesn’t fit the societal beauty standards i.e. they are not thin, firm and perky.
This is by no means a new phenomenon, women across the globe have recognized the systematic censoring of women and non-binaries with fat bodies by Facebook and Instagram for ages, but the events of these weeks have led Swedish users of the app to say: now is the time to band together with the rest of the global community to make this stop!
We, the users of Facebook and Instagram demand to be heard and taken seriously in this matter. We question the fact that accounts who post pictures with graphic nudity, in nearly pornographic scenes are allowed to continue doing so even though many of us continually report the pictures and accounts for breaking Instagram and Facebook appointed rules. While the bodies of the women who post pictures of themselves semi nude (NO nipples NO genitals) in their everyday lives, or for art, or to be part of the body positive/fat positive movements, are considered rule breakers for even existing.
There is an issue with this that can not be overlooked and that is the fact that pictures who are intended for the male gaze seem to be ok for the people at Facebook and Instagram, while pictures where women post only for their own benefit and the benefit of other women, are not.
We demand an end to the sexist and fat phobic use of interpreting Instagram and Facebook rules of conduct, by the employees who manages these matters – NOW.
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