Introduce a feature of storing alternate Names of the Places (City or Locality)

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There is a feature of place names on Facebook. Adding a hometown, currently living place, address or the location one checks in. This petition is requesting Facebook to add alternate names for a single place.

Why add an alternate name?
There are many places in the world with multiple names. It might depend on the language. But I am exclusively petitioning Facebook for this feature in order to help or support Indigenous movement around the world. Since we know that many countries have been colonized and the names of places are also colonized. With independence of such countries, they have officially re-stored their native names back. For example:- Bangalore has officially been recognized as Bengaluru. But it is always not necessary that every colonized name gets officially replaced. In similar way, it is also not necessary that a foreign country colonize. There is also ethnic colonization, ethnic cleansing and ethnic imperialism in many countries. The Indigenous communities want their original name to be restored.

For Indigenous peoples, place names act as mnemonic devices, embodying histories, spiritual and environmental knowledge, and traditional teachings. Place names also serve as boundary markers between home and the world of outsiders. Places are never static and are constantly in a state of flux; they’re always a product of social connections linking them to the outside world (this could be in the form of trading connections, colonialism, or migrations, for example). With colonialism/ethnic imperialism, however, these interconnections between the outside world (world of settlers) and the local (Indigenous world) were unequal, and Indigenous ways of interacting with, knowing, and naming the land, were sometimes lost or made invisible. We know places through their histories, how we tell these histories, and especially through the voice(s) we privilege in telling us about their pasts. Words and place names are not immortal, but it's easy for their meaning to be lost when the landscape of fact (imperialism disconnects them from the past.

Indigenous place names also associate meaning and the history of the place. Lets take an example for a small place of Nepal, called Chwabahā:. The name represents "Chwa" means "up" and "Bahā:" is a traditional is a type of courtyard found in Newa ethnic group  in Nepal, which is obviously a unique feature. This place is an ancient settlement that has a "Bahā:" at a hill top. But this place has now been named as "Chobhār" which simply is absurd and does not relate with the place and its history.

But these voices might not have been heard in many parts of the world. Therefore, we request Facebook to add a new feature that allows one to identify/use native place names.

For example: The Mouth Everest is natively termed as Mount Comolungma by the native indigenous tribe called Sherpa. But Facebook only allows the term Mount Everest. So a new feature could make people able to choose to use the native term Comolungma if they do not want to call it Mount Everest.

Restoring the names of the places means accepting that there was a history that needs to be restored, a brilliant history that precedes colonialism, and a people that suffered intense dispossession and dislocation.

What kind of feature it should be?
Facebook being an international social media should respect people of diverse identities. In this technical era, Facebook plays a vital role in bringing social change. Such change can also be brought in the grounds of indigenous peoples' voices. So we request Facebook to do is to co-operate with United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and write them about collection of native terminologies from the national level. Through them, the national bodies working for Indigenous peoples' rights can provide a list of their own native place-names along with the replaced ones. These place names officially received from a legitimate body can be used as an alternative term.

For instance: The native name of the city Bhaktapur is Khwapa. Indigenous Nepalis are raising voice against changing the place names of indigenous language into Khas language, but the government has not yet addressed its issue. So when one wants to put one's hometown as Khwapa, it is not allowed. So Facebook should make a feature to enable users to put the term Khwapa as an alternative to Bhaktapur. Also when a person puts an event with place name Khwapa, the map shows location not found. So the new feature should show the Khwapa  to the place where it showed of Bhaktapur.

In this way we request Facebook to introduce such kind of feature that enables people to use native place name without a barrier, which will also be supporting the Indigenous movement and introduction of such feature might lead a plus point to Facebook being friendly on the ground of Indigenous issues, and also help support the indigenous movement in a way.

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