End the silent ban on "Nutmeg" the artist and ALL ARTISTS fighting for social CHANGE!

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As of today, the last 5 years of my social media presence has been affected, affecting my business, hiding my artistic works (online) creating an atmosphere of contention (for me) in my field. I believe Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and affiliated sites are involved in a holistic ban on my work and likeness.  My posts are not allowed in a feed that gives visability to even a quarter of my actual friends list but more like 10% and this is based on the "close friends" feed algorithm that I never set my posts to but still has been placed on my feed with 5 years of proof. Also, I am spammed with particularly offensive material only. Not music related or art or metaphysics, mostly religious doctrine. I have, in turn, sent messages giving notice to end the spamming to no end. I cannot post in my groups which I started as admin for (because of this secret ban) Southwest Metaphysics Think Tank, Az Neo-Soul Events, and this site will not let me edit my featured pictures (don't you think I would want to change them after a year?). And my NUTMEG FEMALE RAPPER Facebook artist page(the wording I deliberately used to help my fanbase find me) is also kept dormant.


Posts also not allowed in a feed to any number of "followers". I also do not have access to my "Timeline" Photos". Instagram (admin) somehow has done the unthinkable and altered images (adding stretch marks to my arms which I still don't have in real life, why would I add stretch marks to my own arms?) Several ads for my Goddesque Co. haute afro-couture campaigns within the last 3 years have been removed from my business page(styles I exclusively created I believe to later be seen on Meg the Stallion and Lupita Leongo "Black Panther" (Yemeya Dress-another issue altogether) that page is also kept dormant.

Despite my work as a published recording artist and work with major artists, I am denied a Wikipedia page.

Also, hiding my presence further, I am forced to use "Connie Oliver"  my government name when I am a RECORDING ARTIST who has used the name "Nutmeg" for over 25 years!

YouTube outright denies my songs in search. Look for yourself: Nutmeg "Meglomaniac" is hidden!

Facebook also has scammed me out of paid promo ad promotion. Ads, once again, are not allowed in the main feed but lit with fake "likes". Basically charging me for nothing.
I also need legal assistance for gangstalking, intimidation, fraud, slander, and conspiracy to defraud and harm someone's business(sidenote). As PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDER(against cyber censorship) has recently upped the anty. Also, I am sure there is more to extract from what has happened to me, as I talk to professionals. PLEASE SIGN and help substantiate that MY SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE IS HIDDEN/BLOCKED/RESTRICTED FROM NORMAL VIEW ON POPULAR SOCIAL SITES, ALL AFFILIATED WITH GOOGLE INC!

If interested in supporting asside from this petition, email me directly at
: Goddesque13@yahoo.com
I want my accounts opened To MY FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS NOW!!!
#Manifest #EndCensorship #EndCyberTyranny