Instagram give us our Memepages back!

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As all of us know Instagram is deleting all our good meme pages. Already over 400 pages have been affected by the ban wave. All together they totaled over 30 Million active followers, that now lost their daily entertainment. This is unacceptable and we need to fight back!

If we do nothing the will just continue banning all the pages that post slightly offensive/edgy memes. And do we really want to be left with some Facebook-Mom-Memes on Instagram? No of course not. If we all sign this petition we maybe have a chance to get back our beloved meme pages. Instagram should be ashamed by themselves. R.I.P to all the banned pages. Let's hope we'll see your content soon again.

But all this is not just about losing followers, people lived from their pages. They lost their careers, jobs, etc. The owner of the page Zucc, Rowan, probably can't support his family anymore because he has no stable income. Another friend from the meme page formerly known as thespedshed now is likely unable to pay for her surgery because her page grandpas.buttwhole was banned. Source @spedtheshed (

This is the biggest CLOOB Move in the History of Instagram. Now stand up and fight back! 


Your friendly neighborhood meme dealers @memecloob @theclooby and @thespanking