Instagram/Facebook - Allow Uncensored Images of Cervical Fluid!

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Cervical fluid is a hydrogel secreted by crypts within the cervix. It changes in texture, appearance and consistency in response to ovarian hormones. It is a fundamental component of most modern Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABMs). FABMs are used by millions of women worldwide to assist in falling pregnant or avoiding pregnancy.

Currently, Facebook and Instagram are censoring and removing images of cervical fluid. They are even removing photos of cervical fluid within PRIVATE Facebook groups designed primarily for women to share, discuss and learn about cervical fluid. 

Cervical fluid is NOT produced in response to sexual arousal. In fact, cervical fluid comes from the cervix, whereas arousal fluid comes from the Bartholins glands at the entrance of the vagina.

Therefore, cervical fluid is completely unrelated to the banned items on Facebook's community standards list. Facebook is currently deleting cervical fluid images under the guise that they are considered "Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity" - none of which apply to cervical fluid.  

It's time to ask the hard questions. Why are Facebook and Instagram against the dissemination of images and captions that allow women to grow a deeper understanding of their reproductive physiology? 

It's time for a positive change. Come on Facebook and Instagram - show us that you care about women and our RIGHT to share and view images related to our menstrual cycles and our reproductive health. No more menstrual and cycle-related taboo!