Remove The Facebook Page "Aboriginal People Against Islam In Australia"

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Islam is a religion. Christianity is a religion. Buddhism is a religion. In every religion there are good and bad people. That is just how humanity works.
There is a page on Facebook called "Aboriginals Against Islam In Australia". It'd be one thing if they were truly against totalitarianism, but they cherry pick the news they show to everyone, only showing the negative Muslim people and not showing the people who have openly come out against the actions of ISIS/ISIL. If they wanted to show an accurate representation of Islam, showing both the good and bad sides, that would be one thing, but this group is deliberately going out of their way to make a bad name for Muslims, and that is religious discrimination. This page continuously says that "Muslims are not a race", but everyone who says "What about religious discrimination?" gets banned, even if they do not swear or get angry. All posts that even slightly challenge that not all Muslims are "evil" get instantly deleted, and people who are banned get called morons after they can no longer respond. This person is purposely manipulating news to incite hatred on an entire religious culture.

There are over 1.6 billion people who follow the religion of Islam. ISIS/ISIL is composed of around 80,000-100,000 people. Do you think this is a fair representation of all 1.6 billion people?
Do people blame all Christians for the KKK? No. So why blame all Muslims for ISIS/ISIL and their extremists? Discrimination in all it's forms is not the way forward and not the way to peace, at all.

Many Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people have come to me, saying they believe the owner of the page is not infact an Aboriginal and that they are using the title as a front in order to gain support. In fact, a lot of First Nations people have been distressed about this page's existence and the fact that it's deliberately giving them a hateful name. They themselves have said that they accept and welcome Islam, and all religions. Whoever has made this page is abusing the title "Aboriginal". 
Please remove this harmful page that wishes nothing but to hate 1.6 billion of this world's people and bully anyone who disagrees. 

If you have come across this page and/or have been abused by the owner, please report the page for religious hate speech.

This is the page itself (Warning: Please do not visit if it will cause you unnecessary anger):

Original "mission" and description of the page:

"Mission: To Educate and stimulate dialogue on the future direction of our Country and foster awareness of the threat of ISLAM


Description: "Created by a Murri - to Alert and Educate Indigenous People of Australia to the threat of a Totalitarian - Political Ideology that seeks world Domination - It's called ISLAM - Australia is OUR country we have survived here for 60,000 years - we will not surrender our country to this Ideology and the Sha'ria Law they demand - The word ISLAM translates as SUBMISSION - We submitted over 200 years ago to Europeans - We will NEVER submit to ANOTHER regime. Muslims everyday demand more and more from our society - and society submits to their demands - Creeping Shari'a...Enough is Enough...Time to push back... and remind them who owed/owns this country." "

Their Current Description has now been changed to (1/10/2014):
"ISLAM IS RACIST So ingrained is slavery in Islam that the religion's holiest city, Mecca (site of the Haj pilgrimage), was a slave trading capital. "

Information will be updated and added every-time they try to change their Public Relations tactic, so that everyone knows what they're doing and will continue to do.

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