Remove Admin From The Facebook Page "Don't Look At This Page"

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It's one thing to have an opinion, it's another to call anyone who disagrees a "hippy nutjob", a "stupid fucking conspiracy theorist" and a "stupid doped out moron" because they're willing to defend people's right to smoke marijuana. (Edit: I was also called a "Fucking pig" after he messaged my page privately.)
This is not about marijuana. This is about verbally abusing people. 
If you want to disagree with something or someone, fine, but abusing them in the process is morally unjustifiable. Just because you're on the internet, it doesn't make it okay to bully and verbally abuse people. 

Edit: It was originally thought that this was a new admin. He isn't new. It has come to my attention that this admin has been here from the start and has started abusing people several months back. It's made many question whether the page has been hacked and regardless, this type of behaviour against other people is not okay. The minute the admin figured out I had scientific evidence to support an argument they disagreed with, they banned me and deleted most of my comments, if not all of them.
I wish I screen-shotted the original post before it was edited to remove any swearing or any name-calling, but I couldn't capture it all before it was edited to make sure no one tried to blame them. Please click on these links to see what I did manage to capture and what was edited:
My comments before they were deleted.
Second Image
Third Image
Fourth Image
Fifth Image

You may have seen me getting angry, and rightfully, anyone would. This is not proper admin or Facebook conduct, nor is it okay to bully people thinking you can get away with it. Like I said, this was the tip-of-the-iceberg in terms of what some of us had to deal with and it wasn't about the marijuana, it was about the abuse and still is! Please sign this petition to get this abusive admin removed, as this conduct is not okay for anyone. 

Petition Update 8/10/2014: The owner of the page says they will take legal action against me if "the page gets taken down". If this happens, I will be defending myself in court against this abuse and blatant misuse of the court system. 

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