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Facebook Inc.: Please Donate Ad Space to Display Local Missing Persons

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This petition is a suggestion/request for Facebook to add missing people information to their advertisements. Adding missing people information to the advertisements found on the right side of Facebook’s website may substantially improve the possibility of locating missing people.

This petition does not endorse any specific practice; only the general concept of adding missing people information to Facebook’s advertising network with the aim of locating lost people, runaways and abductees.

By signing this petition, you are agreeing that:
1) Including missing people information in Facebook’s advertisement network may increase the odds of locating missing people, runaways and abductees, and
2) That you believe adding such information is worthwhile and merits your endorsement.

Below is the suggestion I have sent to Facebook and worked to share around the web (I have also begun collecting signatures from people on the street and have been quite successful):

"Hi, I have a suggestion that may help save missing people and, in turn, would make Facebook an even more effective social facility (as well as being good publicity).

As you already know, there are quite a few missing people networks using your site to help bring families back together. Facebook also has one of the most expansive and effective advertising networks online, not to mention being the absolute best, largest social network ever. My suggestion is to develop a way to portion out ads in order to help spread information about missing people.

Typically, I see 4-6 unobtrusive ads on the right side of the site, not including various "Pages/People You May Like" and "App Request" elements. If one of those displayed relevant information about missing people even only occasionally, it could go a long way in restoring normality for the lost and their loved ones. I'm sure that if it worked only once, you would still have the eternal gratitude of those you helped.

Facebook also benefits from extensive geolocation data that could be used to ensure these ads are not shown in places the missing person is unlikely to be, thus reducing the cost of the program. On top of that, you already have a facility to report missing people that requests specific information which could be used to further target these displays.

Of course, running something like this requires more manpower and resources. For that, I think you will find the people already operating these networks on your site more than willing to contribute any way they can. One could even crowdsource some work to individual families, perhaps in the way of post moderation and the like. Offline missing people networks would certainly collaborate, and the program may even make Facebook subject to certain government grants to help mitigate costs. Of course, I am ready to help in any way I can as well.

Spreading information is surely just the tip of the iceberg of what a program like this could accomplish. There is literally nothing else capable of the kind of social networking Facebook offers. It's possible this could become THE most effective way to find missing people and, as technologies evolve, its efficacy may rise to a startling and wonderful degree.

Ultimately, it would likely grow into something that yields immense benefits for all parties involved. Maybe it'll even draw eyes towards the other ads, although I am only anecdotally speculating based on the way my own are drawn to missing people posts in my timeline.

I hope you will consider this suggestion not with only your head, but your heart as well. Thank you for your time."

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