Facebook: Reinstate Elise Montesano Iacobelli's Account

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Facebook has locked Elise Montesano Iacobelli out of her account. She was given no reason and still has no idea why this was done. Elise Iacobelli provides support and guidance to thousands of people affected by benzodiazepine / z-drug dependency and withdrawal - a community of people suffering terribly, in isolation and without adequate and appropriate support.

Her Facebook account had 5,000 friends and provided psycho-education, pertinent information that is required to safely taper off their medication, inspirational videos, spiritual guidance and much more.  This Facebook account was a lifeline to many and the community has been left reeling because of this very valuable loss.

Elise Montesano Iacobelli is a woman of immense strength, wisdom and integrity.  She is widely respected worldwide and we are petitioning Facebook on her behalf, to reinstate her Facebook account.