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Do you currently like the random hap-hazard way Facebook sorts your timeline?  I see Facebook as Chronologically Challenged.

Facebook's timeline is badly designed and illogical in HOW it "works".  Sorry but it's true.  You have stories from 5 minutes ago, then 24 hours ago, followed by one from 3 hours ago, then the next one is 2 mins ago, followed by one that is 3 days old...!

It's really simple, give us (BACK) the option to sort Facebook posts purely by the time they were posted.  Chronological Order.  The option to include other checks would be good too, but to be honest a simple solution is easiest:  no other DEFAULT modifiers, no other pop in posts, just a simple stream of the posts we want to see, IN THE ORDER THEY WERE POSTED!

Please Facebook, either make it so it IS in chronological order, or give US the option to change it as a setting.