Improve Internet Safety!

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This petition is to focus on Internet Safety! This is a reaction to so many tragedies as a result of bullying and online trolling, a number that will only rise while no action is taken.

 We are petitioning for more regulation on chat rooms, comment sections etc. to stop the online pressure people receive everyday. Trolls and cyber bullies should not be as effective and relevant as they are, and wouldn’t be if social media was monitored for the benefit of everyday users. With strong monitoring should come stronger punishment for cyber bullies, which will act as both a lesson and a deterrent for future offenders.

Newspapers and tabloids should not feel above the law, and shouldn’t report specific details about cases before a trial! The media is the heart of a lot of tragedies due to the pressure they put on people in the public eye. They should respect the privacy of human beings, celebrity or not!

Finally, Mental Health is taken seriously as a whole. However, not enough is done to protect people’s mental health. Tabloids and Paparazzi are still able to pressure people. So-called sports fans are able to blast players on their race, appearance etc. All of a sudden I ask myself, where is the protection for mental health?

We don’t ask for much, just for media in general to put less pressure on people to where they feel trapped in their own lives and cannot escape being blasted by people daily. The law is that you are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. This has been abolished by tabloids that choose whether someone is guilty or not before a trial, and doesn’t mind blasting ones reputation regardless. This goes for false reviews on companies also. A reputation should not be tarnished if they haven’t been proved to doing any wrongs. 

Please take the 30 seconds to sign the petition and make the change we need. Your small action could make the large impact to finally put pressure back onto these entities abusing someone’s human rights. Social media should be an escape from everyday life, not a trap that people cannot escape.