To remove my old account as the creator admin of Facebook group having 5900+ members.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

Dear Online People,  When i created a group in Facebook, it was done under my gamer account (Mitto Kipling) that is no longer active and may be compromised. We have worked hard, both the mod team and members as well, to make this a safe page dedicated to our favorite mobile game. Many of our members comes into the group seeking peace, calm and good interaction. Some of them to share their passion, art and ideas for the game. They did value this page. However, there is a concern something could happen to it. So, we made the decision to sign up petition to remove the old account "Mitto Kipling" and replace with my original account where the creator will have an active account to monitor stability. 

We had this group for six months old, and we know some posts and things may be lost, but we believe this to be the best for everyone. We have tried to contact Facebook to replace creator admin. The link for our group is

Please help us to remove the deactivated creator account. Thanks for signing up the petition.