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I want legging loft removed so nobody else gets scammed

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My name is Billie and I have created this because there is a Group/Company that is out here taking peoples money but not shipping their items. The legging loft was supposed to be a safe place you could sell/buy leggings and not have to worry about a thing. Melissa Adams the owner launched the company site for the first time, and locked one of her workers out of the site to help people with commissions and other back office needs. Only herself and Augusta Pyle's had access to this site, after a day of nonstop messages P.C had received tons of questions and messages from girls in the group because things weren't working properly. Sunday comes and commissions are coming up missing. Melissa posts a video saying that P.C was temporarily removed from the ambassador group on Facebook because of a post P.C made explaining to everyone that she didn't have any idea what was going on because she was locked out. But just 3 days earlier had planned to boot P.C and have someone else take over her spot, but we didn't know why. Monday comes and Melissa Adams posts a live video in the ambassador group where is bashing and blaming P.C of stealing peoples down lines and changing commissions. Things didn't seem to add up at that point, so I went directly to P.C. She assured me that she was 100% innocent, she showed me several screenshots to prove her innocence and I believed her. After Melissa's rant live feed she tried to deny a lot of what was said. Melissa Adams and Augusta Pyle's were the only ones with access to the back office they moved people under themselves and started taking people's commissions. I left the group and asked for a refund, at this time I was assured that anyone who wanted to leave could get a refund (Melissa Adams words) it was just about a week, I hadn't heard a single thing from them. I emailed EVERY single day asking about my refund. If it wasn't for help I wouldn't have gotten my money back. I am one of the lucky ones, I got my refund but many other girls put 1000s of dollars into this company and have not received a single item or a refund for non shipped items. The items that were received were of horrible quality, some had tears, some were super thin like a normal pair of tights. Melissa Adams will not respond to emails or messages and refuses to refund. Even for the items she has not shipped she will not refund. I am here to help shut this company down before anyone else gets scammed the way she does. But i can't do it alone! Melissa Adams has a criminal record for stealing. She can not be trusted and so many customers are without leggings because this one woman is ripping people off. Please help us take a stand and get this business shut down before it robs anyone else of their time and money! And if you are one of the many Legging Loft Ambassadors who have been ripped off share your story below so others can see it!

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