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Facebook: Help reduce cyber-bullying by adding a setting option that allows a user to disable comments/sharing on all of the user's posts.


Top Motivational Speaker, Trent Shelton, and RehabTime Organization Start Petition to Help Reduce Cyber-Bullying on Facebook.


Dallas, Texas – October, 22, 2013 – On Monday, President of RehabTime Organization ( and motivational speaker, Trent Shelton, who, on average, reaches over 18 million people per week on Facebook alone, released a video titled, “Bullying is Real,” featuring Ryan Suffern, the 9 year old boy from North Carolina who received national press for his letter to Santa, asking for his twin sister, Amber Suffern, to stop being bullied. In the video, Shelton shares a personal message on bullying followed by a request for people to go to the world’s largest petition platform,, to sign RehabTime Organization’s petition for Facebook to help reduce cyber-bullying by adding a setting option on Facebook and Instagram that allows a user to disable comments/sharing on all of the user’s posts (


 “An abundance of cyber bullying takes place in public forum, especially within comments. With an optional setting on Facebook and Instagram that allows a user to disable comments and/or sharing on all of the user's posts, photos, and/or videos, we can help defend those who are currently being bullied on those specific social networks,” said Shelton, founder of RehabTime Organization. “While we appreciate and acknowledge Facebook’s bullying prevention efforts, we believe this additional setting option will only help in defending those who are bullied on Facebook and Instagram.”


RehabTime Organization launched its youth sector, pRehab of RehabTime (, in October with an anti-bullying initiative, “Just Let Me Be Great” for National Bullying Prevention Month. The petition comes along with other measures the organization’s youth sector has taken all month long to help bullied youth, including a pRehab Q&A session with a RehabTime leader every Tuesday night on Ask.FM, a social network recently spotlighted by national press due to teen suicides linked back to anonymous bullying taking place on the site.


“While many organizations focus on preventative measures, we at RehabTime want to focus on immediate, effective measures that help defend those who are being bullied right now,” said Shelton. “There is no way to rid of bullying completely, but there are steps we can take as a society to defend those who are bullied.”


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