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Seven Factor is a global art project that focuses on many issues that are relative to today's society.

 We have had our Facebook page for a number of years. Over the past year we have managed to grow its popularity to just over 600,000 likes. Our project is an Alternate Reality Game, with a band being the center focus. Even though the game is fiction, the band is a real touring band. The game is centered around good and evil, angels, demon ect. with a focus on science and history at its core. We also include many horror movie related themes. artistic photos as well as a strong atheistic viewpoint concerning religion. We often speak out on the harm done by religion, such as mistreatment of woman. How religion effects advancement of technology and science. How religion effects equal rights such as gay marriage. We have dedicated one day a week which we call “blasphemy sunday” to post memes, and articles, and open a forum for people to discuss these topics. Given the sensitive nature of the realign, and the posts.. we understand that we may get reported by a large number of people who take offense to our posts. While we do not set out to attack any one specific group, we feel strongly that in a free society no one has the right to not be offended. That we grow as a society by expressing ideas, even if those ideas may go against what is currently considered acceptable. For Example,The Idea of gay marriage is an idea what has long been thought unacceptable. Through conversation and awareness this is just one issue that has recently become more acceptable in the eyes of society.This is the reason we post what we do regarding religion, Not to attack any person, but to call certain ideas into question. Such as the idea that not all people are equal, or deserve to be treated fairly. On August 24th we received a notice saying our page was unpublished. The reason given was Pornography and Nudity. We have never posted pornography. There have been on occasion some of our pictures that have been flagged for nudity, However we have always covered any nipples or other private areas in our photos. We take great care in making sure we do not go against face books guidelines.. We appealed this un-publishing, and our page was republished within 24 hours. 4 days later, on August 28th the same thing happened without warning.Our page was unpublished, The reason given was the same, pornography and nudity, and we appealed. This time however our page was deleted. We do not understand why exactly this has happened. We have no changed the nature of what we post. the only thing that we post that we can think might be an issue is our posts speaking out against organized religion. We feel that we may have been targeted for our view points. We would like a chance to appeal this decision, if there is something we need to change with our content, we would like the opportunity to know exactly what the issue is so we may adjust the content to better meet face books Standards while still maintaining  our artistic integrity. We have lost our page, that we have put countless hours of work into building. Our fans are now following fake Seven Factor profiles thinking they are us since the Verified one has been removed. We enjoy being apart of the Facebook community and would like very much to be able to continue to be apart of it with our official page. Facebook is a way for us to stay connected to our Fans, and make a change in the world while doing so. Please share this petition. speak out for freedom of Speak, Freedom of expression. Freedom to speak your mind and be heard.

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