Help FREETHEFEMALE stop artists from having their work removed from Instagram

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FREE THE FEMALE was inspired by Spanish artist Maria Forqué. Maria had her Instagram account removed on the 1st of November, despite efforts to censor the nudity in her art. Instagram has been unmoved by the #freethenipple campaign. However, FREE THE FEMALE calls for Instagram to lift their ban on nudity for artists. FTF hopes that one day, online ownership of the body will be given back to the individual. Asking Instagram to lift the ban for artists starts this revolution.

Many of today's artists can attribute their success to Instagram, using the platform as their global gallery space. However, FREE THE FEMALE believes it is unjust for some artists (painters, sculptors, illustrators) to have the opportunity for global recognition and not others (photographers, digital and interdisciplinary). FTF backs every artist who's fallen victim to this type of censorship. It is just as important to allow ALL art to be shared on Instagram for both the artist and their audience. 

The purpose of this petition is to show Instagram that their community wants to have this discussion. The aim is to inspire Instagram to engage with their community directly (no more press comments), and start a survey of their own.

Free all artists from the ban on nudity. Defend our virtual rights. #freemariaforque1 #freethefemale