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Help 8-bit Stories admin take back his page

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Hello friends. I'm the person behind the pixels, owner of 8-bit Stories an online project of pixel art and sad musings. I run this project for almost 3 years on various social platforms and most prominently on Facebook.

On 12th of July I tried accessing my personal account and I noticed that Facebook has locked me out requiring a security check because of a supposed suspicious activity. The security check sent a code to a mobile phone I don't own anymore so I contacted the site's support and after a lot of pleas and e-mail they sent me a link to recover my account and change my password.

I completed all the required steps but still the site doesn't allow me to log in and flags the process of accessing my account as ineligibe, yet my account isn't disabled or anything. I've sent e-mails, my personal ID Card in high-res photos, asked them again and again but they don't seem to notice or care.

Facebook and the people working in it, need to understand or at least try to help their customers in a more personal way not with automated replies that offer no depth and support to issues like this. If they can't handle the amount of people that registered at their site they should better not run it at all.

I personally make art almost daily and take the time to reply to every message I receive on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram. I respond to requests, make commissioned work and talk with people and their problems. How in the world a colossus like Facebook with fabulous wealth and numbers of people working in can't even remotely handle basic and humane support for its users?

I made this petition because I care for the art I made and I don't want both it and the years I spent making it to go to waste like nothing. The page is a source of income for me and partially works as business ground. Facebook is obliged to help people that empower its base and bring more people. It takes only a few seconds to sign this petition and it means the world to me. Each one of you can help me get access to my original account and retrieve administration to the page you all love so much.

Thank you for reading


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