Have Facebook Bring Back the Pride Reaction Button

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Last year Facebook introduced the Pride react button for the month of June as a way to celebrate and embrace the LGBTQ community and Pride Month, a month that celebrates all the progress that has been made in the fight for LGBTQ equality, a month to recognize how far we still have to go in that fight for equality, a month to mourn all those we've lost in the fight for equality, a month to celebrate loving whoever we want to love, to celebrate being our most authentic true selves without judgement. The Pride react button may seem like a silly, insignificant thing to be fighting for especially in light of all the horrors that happen around the world, but that button was more than just a fun way to react to peoples posts. It grew beyond what Facebook originally intended and it connected deeply with the LGBTQ community. It was a way to say 'I see you and I support you.' It was a way to escape the realities of the world and fall into our chosen communities online. The Pride react button became something we looked forward to. It became a part of our community. So Facebook, we're asking you to please give the community what it wants, bring back the Pride react button. 

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