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Harassment: Break the Silence

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Many people experience harassment no matter where they are in which result to become a great concern in society. It is one of the most alarming incident happening in the country wherein the human rights of individuals are abused, threatened, and intimidated. It may be in the form of offensive jokes, slurs, name calling, physical assaults or threats, ridicule, insults, and offensive objects or pictures. As a consequence, it greatly harms their physical, emotional, economical, and social as a person. Moreover, it can adversely affect their life specifically their careers and academic performance.

Because of this, Harassment: Break the Silence, a campaign that aims to end harassment, unite as one to understand the problem, ignite public awareness and develop innovative strategies that ensure equal access of people to public. Our purpose is to drive the culture that perpetuates the harassment among individuals and help victims from their experiences by offering them our ears that will listen to their complaints and what they feel inside. In addition, we would like to help and give victims a freedom to share their stories and give them some advice and information that would be helpful for them. Besides, this will be beneficial on the movement of closing the issue about harassment which is greatly essential for everyone. Besides, this campaign will contribute not only on the absence of harassment as well as the conversations of people that bridge differences and recognize each other’s full dignity.

Furthermore, the campaign aims to raise awareness about harassment and its negative effects to the victims. Also, we would like to put a complete stop to this social issue through our online networking efforts as well as post ways on how to prevent harassment and encourage them to break the silence. 

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