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Facebook, Google, Twitter: Ban David Brotsky aka David Appletree aka JIDF and aliases from using online services


David Brotsky aka David Appletree aka JIDF is dangerous to the community.

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INA Joel Leyden
We the undersigned are requesting that David Brotsky aka David Appletree aka Michael Goldberg aka the Jewess aka Jews' Views aka Bagels aka Jewish Internet Defense Force aka JIDF of New York / Dallas and his aliases be banned from using your social media services. David Brotsky is a known cyber stalker who employs the hacking of computers, tracking of IP addresses and the harassment of his targets for personal gain. He boasts: "At least 482 people (we have all their names) are helping to support and spread an illegal and defamatory spam campaign involving malicious and outrageous lies about Jews and Israel supporters."
Brotsky has been banned at Wikipedia and Facebook only to return under various aliases i.e. - David Appletree, David Pitch, The Jewess, Michael Goldberg.
David Brotsky aka David Appletree aka JIDF has libeled and slandered respected Israelis who have served the Israeli government calling them rapists, frauds and liars.
Brotsky has also used death threats as a means to criminally harass and as such is presently under investigation by both the FBI and local law enforcement.
We are requesting that the Facebook groups of "JIDF" and "Jews Views" be removed for chronic, abusive comments and the placing of outside links calling for the harassment of others defies your TOS. But before doing so, removing the aliases which created them.
We are requesting that Google stops indexing or lowers the index for which serves as yet another platform to defame and harass the public.
We are requesting Twitter to delete the account of
We should not have to contact the FBI or local law enforcement in order to protect ourselves from David Brotsky's online criminal harassment.

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