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Give the option to report conspiracy theories for removal on Facebook

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As a Las Vegas native, all i see anymore are people posting absolutely ridiculous conspiracy theories about the shooting that occurred on oct 1st, because these posts do NOT violate facebook's terms of use policies, people are allowed to use it as a medium to post the most unfounded, outlandish claims imaginable (flat earth, sandy hook was a hoax, 9/11 was an inside job. etc..) open any news post talking about the shooting, the comments section is full of troll accounts posting conspiracy theories. and it gets worse everyday

we need the ability to report troll accounts so that they can be reviewed by Facebook, and we need the ability to report posts, both "shares" and comments as conspiracy theories, because with no ability for users to police this behavior, there's no way to keep it from getting worse, They allowed the ability to report False News Stories after the election. but that only applies to direct shares from a site, if they share an article from ABC but comment about how its all fake, the algorithm will find nothing wrong, because the source of the article is an accredited news source, but the direction the conversation is being steered is not factual, or credible

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