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Give Rock'n'Roll Steve his name back! (On Facebook)

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Dear People of the World - An Aldershot Legend Needs Your Help

There is a man of our little town of Aldershot that should need very little introduction. His words, his music, his voice echoes down every street and every alleyway. Cheered by crowds and loved by all - this cat is literally the 'coolest dude in town':

...and Facebook has stolen his name! 

Where once the legend Rock'n'Roll Steve rocked Facebook with his iconic hair, upturned collar, and trademark smile...there is now only...Steve Garrood. (still looking very cool but without his full name...)

This burning injustice cannot be allowed to stand. Is this England or North Korea?! 

Facebook give us back Rock'n'Roll...give Rock'n'Roll Steve his name back!

(Local legend Rock'n'Roll Steve has had his Facebook account suspended on the grounds that he cannot prove his name is Rock'n'Roll Steve. He's had to start a new account as Steve Garrood...which is a fine name. But everyone knows (apart from Facebook) that he's ROCK'N'ROLL STEVE!) - please ask the good sports at Facebook to look at this again and give Rock'n'Roll Steve his name back!

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