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Give Menstruation a Facebook Activity Status.

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Even in today's day and age, Menstruation is avoided, hushed, silenced, shamed and invisible in normal conversations. Women bleed in hushed silence - trying her best to keep the world out of it. Women feel shame and Men are uncomfortable around the topic of menstruation, yet the very human existence owes its gratitude to the biological phenomenon of Menstruation in women's bodies. It is time we made it normal and visibly present without shame, stigma, and discomfort.

To make that possible as a first STEP we are asking FACEBOOK to create a separate Feeling/Activity Status called Moonstrating that allows for women to visibly express and acknowledge in a public domain the monthly biological blood cycle she experiences as a normal occurrence.

We are recommending the use of the word Moonstruation instead of menstruation because a woman’s monthly blood cycle has more to do with her rhythmic connection with the moon than to men.

The facebook status could be something as simple as

<FB Name> Is Moonstrating today
e.g rekha kurup is Moonstrating today


The world rushes and gushes forward everyday everywhere without ever feeling the need to publically hold space for the process of moonstruation. The need to do it is not just because it happens to half the population on the planet but also, because it is the basis of this entire civilization.  By never including a woman’s biological blood cycle in the foldings and unfoldings of a society that we design and run or when included seeing it as an inconvenience or handicap that women have, we in turn as a culture are choosing to ignore the source of our own birth as well as erase women biologically in public and private spaces, and wanting her to be more like a man. This continues to perpetuate wrong notions, false myths, unimaginable predicaments around moonstrual blood that are reinforced by women and men everywhere in the world.

Sisters, If you experience resistance, shame and disgust around sharing the public status of moonstruation with the world, then it is time to ask yourself -


Only By bringing menstruation into the normalcy of our public lives, can we hope to initiate more dialogues and go into those boundaries around moonstrual blood, bleeding that we have distanced ourselves from. When more and more men and women can see visibly in social media spaces that women menstruate regularly, it gives them the opportunity to enter into the spheres of conversation, dialogue and activism in social spaces be it work, public transportation, conferences, media, movies. It also providesboys and girls the opportunity to process their own wrong notions around moonstruation, understand and talk about their own shame, disgust, and silence around the experiences of moonstruation.

It is the urgent need of the hour. If we need to understand, address and transform the violence towards the bodies and sexuality of women, girls, men and boys everywhere on the planet, we need to begin from moonstruation. It is the most important conversation that is needed today.

We hope that a social media platform like facebook can play an important role in bringing that shift on the planet for women (and men).

We have innumerable reasons. We are sharing just a few.

Moonstruation is the first naturally occurring Rite of Passage for a Girl - initiating her into womanhood - establishing her relationship with her body, her ability to create, give birth, empathize, transform and alchemize. Yet, in a modern patriarchal society, every girl receives shame, disgust and silence as part of her initiation.

Moonstruation is the foundational basis of every human birth. As long as a woman moonstrates or menstruates, human birth is possible naturally. When moonstruation stops, the process of human birthing in her body also stops. But patriarchal shifts have made every girl and woman feel ashamed of the whole process. This in turn has distanced a woman's relationship with her body,  sexuality and her journey of becoming a woman. She is made to feel less because she moonstrates.

Moonstrual blood is the only blood that flows without a cut and without a wound - naturally as a gift in the body of every woman and yet, it is never visible in public space. On TV the blood of violence, war, fights are displayed as trophies of men’s power while, the blood that is the very cause of human existence is shown in blue on menstrual pads, banned from public spaces, condoned in social presences, hushed in conversations and silenced when spoken about. That has deeply affected the relationship of women and men with moonstrual blood.

Moonstrual blood has the ability to naturally synchronize with the cycles of the moon, entrain with the cycles of other women, revive a woman’s health, heal her pain, enhance her beauty and ease her pregnancy and birthing, support her hormonal and menopausal journey. Yet, she is never given the opportunity to really pause to experience the power of her blood for it is never acknowledged in the society as something important, powerful, relevant, reverent and sacred. All she is told is that it is a curse that she has to behold.

Mother-centered indigenous cultures everywhere have honored moonstration as a community ritual participated by everyone including boys and men. It brings deep reverence for the body of a woman, and her journey. Many of these ancient cultures who were rooted in this knowing have seen fairly less violence towards women in their society. There are many written and oral references available. Example: Societies of Peace: Matriarchies Past, Present, and Future. Edited by Heide Abendroth.

It is time we had become present to the fact that women moonstrate and bleed without a cut - sacredly - every month and maybe everyday there are many women bleeding in different parts of the world invisibly.

Now let us become Visible - Make ourselves and our blood seen and known.
It is time.

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