Give isacc katerega freedoom of speech

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Isacc katerega has become a target of the ruling party of uganda under the guise of female NRM suporters of the Boston community in USA. Isaac is a supporter of the people power opposition party in uganda, and he mainly expressés him self using facebook. His opressors are déterminéd to silence his fight for freedom by attacking him using labels like 'psycho', ' women abuser', ' mental case' having him lose his social media accounts, as well as attacking his family and freinds. Isacc has an ailling mother who has become a target of these opressors by continously dragging her in every arguement there is   online with them. Isaac is a responsible community gentleman, who has championed différent charity campagns to help people in need, the sick, and young homeless children in uganda. He is a voice to the voiceless and needs to stay on all social media platforms especially facebook to pass on the messages of social justice, collective responsibility and community awareness. We need 200 signatures to have Isaac stay here!