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Give Gramma and Ginga their likes back!!

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Gramma and Ginga are 103 and 98 year old sisters from West Virginia. Their grandson Frank and granddaughter Sheila started a Facebook page for them over 2 years ago, so other people would enjoy them as much as their family does. They have dozens of videos that have gone viral, because their 'tell it like it is' and no nonsense attitude (ok and their cussing:) They have been featured in dozens of news outlets, web articles, TV news, and even two appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and had a passionate Facebook fan base of 450,000+ strong.

That is, until they feel victim to an internet hacker who took over their page, and morphed it into another page, and keeping all THEIR fans.

Facebook has been alerted to this shameful crime, but they have yet to get their page or fans back. Frank and Sheila (or Frank Alan and Sheila Lynn as the world knows them from Gramma and Ginga) run their page for them and field literally DOZENS of fan messages from around the WORLD. Every day they hear stories of from their fans about how G&G's banter and humor, have cheered people up, and made them laugh even on their darkest days.

When starting their Gramma and Ginga - G&G page, they had absolutely NO idea how much it would come to mean to so many and how it would affect so many. They have created a new page but had to start from zero fans, and want Facebook to realize what's happened from all the evidence they've been sent, and DO something about it...and right this wrong.

And speaking of WRONG, let's talk about the hacker/s. How many times on the news do we hear about this kind of thing? Hackers can do something as simple as taking over your Facebook taking your identity, taking your money, taking down utilities, banks, and even governments. Most of the time they can't be touched and you don't even know who they are.

But in this case, what they've done can be tracked and we do have some information which has been passed onto Facebook. Frank even talked to the hacker, when he was hacked, and AFTER. He pretended to be someone wanting to help, and then hijacked their page and admitted to it and bragging about how he was in control now and threatening he could do whatever he wanted. Let's not let him get away with it and keep his stolen page and fans. Now he's turned something so fun and good, into his criminal work, and it needs to be STOPPED!!

Let's show these hacker pricks hiding behind their computer screens, that they messed with the wrong two old ladies!!!!


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