Free My Brother

Free My Brother

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Started by Asake’ Olaniyi

Dear Family/Friends,

As we all look forward to the New Year full of hope & expectations my attention is focused here on the matter of my younger brother Tyler Easley. As his oldest sister who actually changed his diapers, I’m now asking that change be enforced to assist with the release of a man who deserves to be home with us. His past is no stranger to our impoverished  communities. We’ve lost too many to a life of crime who weren’t able to redeem themselves through the system. However, I am grateful through the grace of God Tyler is still present. If I may, I’d like to elaborate on Tyler’s presence. When my late husband & I opened our 1st business, we couldn’t get a traditional loan. We struggled during the economy crash like many small businesses & having a newborn added more pressure. Without hesitation Tyler volunteered his time & efforts to encourage our business to grow . There are so many examples of his kindness not exclusively as my brother but also as a son, Grandson, & a Father of 3 beautiful girls. When Tyler  was 1st sentenced (non-violent offense) his daughter was only 6 months old. She’s 5 yrs old currently. He enjoyed spending time being a girl Dad. I’ve never seen a young Father so involved with their daughters as I’ve witnessed with Tyler. From the Daddy daughter event, Chuck E. Cheese, Disney on ice, birthdays & frequent playground visits, he did it all. When Tyler walks into a room his aura is genuine & is well received/loved by many. Our 88 yr old Grandmother who was recently released from the hospice after having a stroke eagerly awaits his arrival. While her health is inconsistent & unstable,Tyler has always made an effort to keep her spirits high & full of life. Our Mother who hasn’t laid eyes on her son or been able to comfort  him when Tyler contracted Covid in his cell also awaits. Tyler was consistent on love for Mom. He’d always call, ran her errands & come barring gifts. His absence weighs heavy on us all including his nieces & nephews whom Tyler played a positive role as well. His oldest nephew will be attending college due to the inspiration of his Uncle Tyler. We’re asking that Tyler be released to once again become a thriving member of society which has been recorded on prison records. As a Payroll Clerk for 60 employees at the corrections facility, Tyler has earned their trust. As well as the hearing  Parole Officer who recommended Tyler’s release. There’s a host family/friends, colleagues that would also agree that Tyler is no threat to society & has redeemed himself honorably. Tyler has formed a solid plan to be a man of integrity that we all know him to be. We ask that the panel shows compassion & continues to be merciful. Please free my brother. Thank you for listening


The sister of prayers, hopes & dreams

Asake’ Olaniyi

403 have signed. Let’s get to 500!