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free moroccan kudri

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This week only, more then 6 of the biggest Facebook page s of atheists and secular Arabs were closed after reports campaigns led by Islamist groups containing hundreds of thousands of members. They are abusing the Facebook report facility to remove all pages that oppose their ideology.

While Arab atheists, with absolutely no exaggeration, already face all kinds of oppression, torture, restriction of speech and even sentences to death in their countries (we mention Raif Badawi, Mohamed Cheikh, Achraf Fayad as examples ), Arab atheists are facing a huge risk of losing the remaining freedoms that are practiced secretly or online, wich are , including the freedom and the right of thinking and discussing freely, a basic right of a human being, hence being alive!

Morocco is considered an enemy of the freedoms of expression, even on social networking sites, which has reported my Facebook page because it also ridicules politics

Social media is the only space we can freely speak through, But with Facebook's policy that signifies reports by the number of reporters, Facebook is allowing Islamists to create groups with the sole purpose of closing our atheist and secular pages, and unfortunately Facebook facebook have being at their side !

We, as secular and Arab atheists, are asking Facebook's administration to change its policy, to revise it's Reporting system in order to prevent this from happening again , and At least restore all our pages ! 
Also the Facebook support imply ,they are all taking the side of the reporter because of reasons we don,t know , or we know but we can be sure,
please help us 
pages name :
1- Moroccan kudri +18 -- more than 130k

2-moroccan kudri +18 -- second page more than 6k

Note: alot of pages have been closed but those are the bigest


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