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Facebook: Breastfeeding Photo Reports Are Against Your Community Standards

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Since August I've been reported over 22 times for sharing breastfeeding photos, articles, and information. This bullying is allowed and protected by Facebook's annoymous reporting system. I've repeatedly contacted Facebook regarding this harassment and they've refused to help me, and others like me. Facebook needs to update their system to disallow reports on breastfeeding photos for nudity, since these photos are not in violation of community standards. My suggestion: Facebook should include in the reports for nudity section, a question, "is this a photo of breastfeeding?" If the answer is yes, then they should give the reporter a message that explains it is not against Facebook community standards and cannot be reported. Also, anyone who repeatedly files unnecessary reports should face consequences, like the suspension of their account for abuse, getting blocked from the profile in question, etc. Breastfeeding needs to be normalized. Mothers should not be harassed for it. Please sign the petition requesting Facebook to help fix this prevalent issue on their site. Thank you! For more information on my story see this link:

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