Facebook with draw its funding it has pledged to Menlo Park Police Dept

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Facebook has pledged $11 million dollars to the Menlo Park Police Department! This police department is known on the Peninsula for Racial Profiling, police brutality, falsifying police reports, not filling illegal stops were they tase and physically abuse black and brown residents of East Palo Alto and Menlo Park (Belle Haven district). They have police officers on their force with lengthy histories of racial discrimination ie racial profiling planting evidence and other various misconduct. This evidence is found all over the internet with simple google searches (officer Ed Soares, Menlo Park police, misconduct, racial profiling, wolf pack, police gang etc.). The city council of Menlo Park sought to hide Facebooks  effort to fund their corrupt Police department by having the funding placed into the city’s general fund. Facebook’s intent to explicitly fund MPPD has been exposed in emails to city of Menlo Park when a report recently uncovered these private emails through a request to follow public records guidelines. ( see article from Sarah Emerson https://onezero.medium.com/blm-protestors-demand-facebook-defunds-its-police-program-fe6a0c6be917 ) please help us stop corporate sponsored police terrorism! This is the first time in history a corporation has paid the salaries of public police officers. Raising the question to whom do these 17 new officers protect and serve?