Facebook should stop its racist attack on African culture but instead celebrate it

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Please help us petition Mark Zuckerberg together with Facebook to recognise and celebrate African culture on Facebook.

We run a Facebook page ‘You know your parents are African when...’ bosting over half a million followers. The page was set up in 2010 and run by volunteers with the aim of promoting educational, creative, and fun African culture to the rest of the world. We have raised over £110,000 in numerous charitable causes. 

Recently our page was unpublished/taken down over claims of posting ‘nudity’, we appealed the decision but then Facebook moved the goal post determined that our page has been unpublished for causing people to like or engage with it unintentionally in a misleading way. Our Page Terms state that: 'Pages must not contain false, misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive claims or content.’ Which is laughable because our page content was no different from famous pages like LadBible, UniLad or Buzzfeed. We posted African memes, music and comedy skits, all with permission from creators.

Over the years the page has been systematically attacked by Facebook over posting ‘nudity’ which we unreservedly refute these claims. Our posts include many photos of the different tribes in Africa, some that are more than a century old. for example a picture of a Masai woman breastfeeding was flagged as inappropriate and contravened their “Community Standards”. Another time a video from a Chinese museum comparing Africans to animals was taken down by Facebook and no reason was given as to why.

We fully understand that Facebook intends to maintain decency in content found within the social media platform, and that that is reasonably noble of them but you cannot fight racism with racism, you cannot take down a video exposing racism. You cannot allow Kim Kardashian and Miley Cirus post pictures of themselves completely naked but then take down a photo of a half naked Masai woman breastfeeding. Being half naked in sub-Sahara is our way of life due to high temperatures prevailing in the region and part of our culture too.

’You know your parents are African when....’ is a mouthpiece of Africa’s history and culture. It has a massive (optional!) following. This is a community on Facebook largely - but by no means exclusively, made up of Africans. Indeed, on our platforms, undignified reactions and use of insults are explicitly discouraged, with ban consequences to offending persons. 

This is a petition to urge Facebook to consider that its “Community Standards” are not inclusive of Africans, whom from interactions on our pages are proud of their heritage and genuinely celebrate our culture, it should not be lumped in the same category as porn, or indecency.
This is a petition to rally support from cultural enthusiasts in general, and Africans in particular, to ask Facebook to be sensitive in their application of “Community Standards” to well meaning endeavors.

Through this petition, we kindly request Facebook to restore the page and consider reviewing their terms of service and “Community Standards” in the context of the foregoing.