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For an extended period of time Facebook has taken it upon themselves to harass page owners by unpublishing pages for vague reasons, the most common being spam or unauthorized commercial communications. This happens to pages of all kinds, ones with pictures that have text, ones with pictures that don’t have text, pages that cater to women, pages that cater to country living, pages that cater to men, all kinds of pages.
There’s sometimes an option to appeal but never an option to speak to an actual person, it’s always a computer generated response. We have no way to find out exactly what we are doing incorrectly nor are we given the chance to correct it.
We understand that pages will not cater to everyone, that just simply isn’t possible. Nor should we be liable to do so, this is not required by any other social media outlet.
In a 3-week span over 300 pages have been unpublished with the same generic reason with a compiled fan base of over 24 million fans, so in fact Facebook itself has taken an outlet from 24 million users without warning and without proper reasoning and not even an actual person to talk to in order to try and fix the issue. Pages are made to bring people with the same likes or dislikes, hobbies, beliefs, issues, or interests in mind. Because pages are public someone who doesn’t share the same interest can come onto a page and complain simply because they are hateful or a bigot, and us as page owners are at their mercy. We have no control over people who may not like country living coming on a country page and reporting a picture of a log cabin with an antler and complaining of animal exploitation. Or an angry man who doesn’t like women who empowerment complaining on a women’s rights page.
Facebook is meant to bring people together and fan pages are an intricate part of the Facebook experience, as page owners we watch what our fans like and interact with our fans to find the best content for them, we comment and even answer personal questions in our inboxes. Some pages are support systems for families of children with special needs, or mothers who just need to vent after a long day of screaming kids and have a good laugh. When you take that away from the billions of users on Facebook because of a few people who cannot scroll past what they like it turns Facebook into a dictatorship, and people will go elsewhere to have their voices heard.
How can page owners properly communicate this with Facebook when we cannot even speak to a live person at any time? How do we make Facebook remain the best place to bring people together if all of the creative outlets for all of its users are being shut down?

We would like to form a PAGES OWNERS committee and have a Facebook representative we can contact to discuss are concerns and issues. Instead of a Computer generated response.


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