Facebook Take Down 'Do Nothing For Mental Health' Page!

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A page on Facebook is recommending doing NOTHING for the mentally ill. 


The person who runs it, Daniel Valencia claims to work in the mental health sector and promotes the message of not helping mentally ill people. 

No therapy and no medications. 

No sectioning.

For instance if someone is hearing voices as a result of a psychotic break, and the voices have told them to cut themselves or jump off a building Daniel will suggest asking the person of they want help. If they decline help then...do nothing.

Someone in the throes of a mental breakdown may not be of sound mind to make such a decision.

The same goes for a child of 13 years upwards, if they are self injuring with a razor and do not want help to stop then leave them to it according to this individual.

This person compares cutting to drinking soft drinks and states both are equally self injurious! 

I ask that Facebook take this page down as its promoting neglect. 

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