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Facebook, take a stand against harassment groups

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Facebook is an excellent platform for connecting with friends, family, and like-minded individuals all over the world. It is one of the biggest social media sites, with millions of active users. 

But with that widespread use comes a dark side: bullying and harassment. 

Some individuals come together and form groups specifically for bullying and harassing others. They encourage their members to send nasty messages to individuals, flood public pages, and sneak into private groups using fake profiles. They cause significant real-world stress for others. 

Facebook allows these individuals to be blocked by pages, groups, and other users. But when these individuals create fake profiles or use other tricks to not get caught, it's almost impossible for the target to protect themselves from the attack. 

We ask Facebook to remove groups that have been repeatedly reported for encouraging this kind of harassment and even teaching members how to break Facebook's TOS to continue their harassment. We also ask Facebook to remove members found to be inciting or encouraging harassment, serving as admin of harassment-focused groups, or found to be using multiple or fake profiles for the purpose of harassment. 

We all deserve to be free from bullying and harassment on social media. Facebook, make it right. 

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