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5000 Facebook friends is an unacceptable amount that any one account could have!!! There are no real limits to friendship, not online and not in our own reality!!! We cannot be constrained to these confinements Facebooks restricts us with. :)

This is a cage we have been trapped in unknowingly!!! We cannot let ourselves be treated like rats!!! We must gnaw our way through to each other!!! We must form the rat king!!! We will become friends and we will connect. We will interface with an infinite number of systems twinkling like stars across the never-ending netscape!!! :) We are constellations <3

Facebook should not deny us our inalienable right as pact animals to connect and socialize til our <3's content. :) If one has a message to communicate, they should do so to a wide variety of their peers. We should not have to be forced into a corner by making new Facebook accounts just to reach out to others.

Some people suggest that one should just get a fan page. But fans are not friends!!! You cannot communicate with them as readily and, honestly, it's not about talking at someone, it's talking with someone. It's time we put the social back in social network.

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