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FACEBOOK: Quit Destroying Authors, Publicists and other Small Home-Based Business Careers!

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Facebook used to be a wonderful platform for helping authors, publicity specialists & small businesses to get a head start in the online world by introducing new readers to authors, authors to readers and small business/home-based businesses to clients.. Recently, we've realized that Facebook has decided to change their platform without notice to any of us.. The devastating result?? It's destroying home-based businesses, putting authors out of work & ruining the careers of publicity consultants.. In their greedy quest for "more, more, more", Facebook is knowingly & willingly taking part in hurting many people who aren't able to work outside of their home for various reasons. They are destroying the chances of authors succeeding by removing the ability for fans to find them through their fan pages, online events & more.. They've completely re-done all of their outlines for events, disallowing publicists/assistants to invite potential readers & fans to 'cyber-meet' new authors.. They also no longer allow readers, authors & home-based businesses to post more than a few times a week in groups that were created for this type of marketing/associating or they end up banning the person.. This harms ANY home-based business that has previously used events, groups & fan pages to reach their target audience.. All with no notice of the changes.. So now, we have authors that aren't able to reach fans, publicists & PA's that can't reach new authors & readers and finally, home-based businesses that will be destroyed because we are no longer allowed to reach out to our fans/clients through this type of social networking..  All right before the holidays.... Facebook clearly has no idea or simply doesn't care about the lives they are impacting by implementing their unnecessary changes.. I can personally name at least 500 authors, publicists & home based businesses that depend on Facebook's social networking platform to stay afloat, including my own, along with the many authors & swag-makers that I represent and these 'changes' will do nothing but harm.. They have ripped our security away, all without any notice nor are we even able to contact them, via their messed-up "Help" center page..  Please sign this petition & help us get Facebook's attention.. They "Claim" that they are a caring, people-based company, yet they have just destroyed many families with their thoughtless, uncaring & unnecessary changes...Let's see if Facebook will take notice of the families they are ruining by taking away their livelihood and destroying their businesses..  Let's see if Facebook really stands up for families or if they only care about their own.. Help us spread this petition & bring attention to the many families that will now be going without, this holiday season and throughout the foreseeable future, thanks to these thoughtless changes...  Facebook, PLEASE remove your restrictions from small business pages, events & groups! Support small businesses & authors, instead of hurting them!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE: I've been asked to clarify some of the changes that Facebook has made.. Here are some of them:~~~~~~~~~~~They have limited the reach of not just fan pages but also the amount of fans that can be invited to events. Just two weeks ago, they dropped it from 500 to 250.. As of today, they have limited it to only inviting 50 people. They won't let us invite more than 50 people to PUBLIC events, won't allow us to change dates on events in case of an emergency reschedule nor do they allow us to change or edit event names, along with numerous other things..They have started banning us from our own groups, created for publicity postings. If we post more than a couple of times a week, we are BLOCKED from posting in groups at all, regardless if they are OUR groups that we've started.. They've limited our fan page reach/audience views in a major way, as well.. Our fans aren't even seeing 10 percent of our posts on our Fan pages... 

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