Facebook needs to remove REPORTED scamming profiles by Fireball Approves

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Mark Zuckerberg is worth $100B and yet; Facebook has not established an effective anti-fraud process to protect Facebook users.

As a rental property investigator - I report scamming profiles but Facebook refuses to remove the profiles.  Unsuspecting Americans are prime targets of overseas scammers. 

The amount of scams has increased since the pandemic because the scammers use the pandemic as an excuse to not show the properties personally.  Scammers are getting more and more creative, making it harder for Americans to defend themselves against the bad actors.

Facebook needs to implement a security strategy.  How is it - I can determine a profile is a scammer but Facebook says it does not goes against "community standards"?  Then, that same profile continues to scam others.  This is a problem that is getting worse and it is costing Americans money and homelessness.


Ex 2 - but failed to mention the scamming profile was previously reported

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