FaceBook, Let me COMPLETELY delete my profile NOW!

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Given everything we are learning about what FaceBook's is doing with the information of billions of users, l ask that FaceBook allow users to COMPLETELY delete their accounts (and ALL associated information and personal data) from its user database.

Currently, Facebook will only allow a user's account to be deleted 1) after the user dies, 2) if the user has requested this to happen in a place buried deep within user settings and 3) if Facebook is notified of the user's death by a representative of said user.

I find this ridiculous.  No other social media company maintains such tight control over user data.  Even Instagram, owned by FaceBook, allows complete account deletion.

If you want control over the future of the information collected about you by this social media behemoth, join me in demanding that we be able to delete our profiles at any time and allow us control over our privacy.