Facebook is discriminating against the heathen religion

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As of a few weeks ago Facebook has decided that any use of runes is classed as hate speech, this is religious intolerance. My beliefs and the beliefs of the heathen community should not be considered as hate speech.

Facebook has been actively removing rune posts from people and groups, if they remove all other forms of religious depictions then there would be no problem but it is directed solely at the heathen community and as a result can only be interpreted as religious intolerance and I find it disgusting.

The heathen community is international and we should have the same religious protection as other minority faith groups as all , due to the cultural appropriation from some in the USA, the Futhork has been twisted into something it really is not. There is no honor in racial hatred those who understand the history know this.

 It is very easy to look it up online and the fact that Facebook has not done this is appalling.