Facebook include Malta in the Monetization Program

Facebook include Malta in the Monetization Program

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Following the successful inclusion of Malta in the YouTube Partner Program, I am hereby petitioning yet another global tech giant, Facebook Inc. to include Malta in its monetization programs namely:

This will allow Maltese content creators and publishers and others to monetise their Facebook pages just like fellow European creators that are eligible for the program.

While Malta is the smallest EU Member State in surface area, and probably this is the reason why we keep getting overlooked, with a score of 87%, Eurostat ranks Malta in the second place among all EU member states with people using Facebook alone. https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cache/infographs/ict/bloc-1b.html

Almost 75% of our enterprise makes use of Facebook as an advertising platform. https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/products-eurostat-news/-/DDN-20180119-1?inheritRedirect=true

Despite our size, it is for sure that we are not an insignificant EU Member State as statistics state the contrary. Notwithstanding the monetisation block, Facebook still inundates Maltese users with targeted advertising.

It is about time that Social Media giants change their mindsets and instead of overlooking Malta, they should use Malta as a launchpad for new products and services.

Facebook, I petition you to include Malta in your monetization program and in doing so be fair and impartial with Malta and the Maltese.