Facebook, Google, and Twitter define your rules, and apply them equally

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Dear Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

We the petitioners ask you to define your rules, and stop hiding behind vague non descriptive terms of service that seem to only apply when you want them to.

We aslo request that you apply these rules fairly and totally at all users on your services.

It seems that you, Facebook, Google, and Twitter; abuse the vague nature of your terms of service to punish People you disagree with politically.

An example can be found on any conservative public figures pages, timelines, and channels. 

Where the conservative person is subject to death threats, rape threats, and threats of murder. When reported no action is taken, while if the same conservative person is perceived to have offended a liberal or a protected status person; their accounts are shut down, even if it was a person that threatened them, or the accounts are shut down for things others have said.

But famous people on the left can threaten death to conseritaves and others, and you do nothing.

We ask that this stops, and you define your rules, and apply them equally to everyone on your platforms.