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Danny Dempsey
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We have come to live in a world where we rely on social media. It is the norm for this generation and many to come. It is the world we live in. We rely on this to keep in touch with friends and family, grow our businesses, have a voice. 

Facebook champions the social media platform. Their own mission statement on Twitter 'Our Mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together'. Great ! Then why are they failing to give the very consumers that help launch their platform the support required when things go wrong? 

While I am sure there are many concerns with Facebook at present,- personal data usage and privacy leaks among them, this is a petition solely focusing on the way they are disabling accounts without warning or reason, and the fact that support when trying to resolve this issue is very hard to non-existent. 

I first came across this issue when my own personal account was disabled. Like many I have come across since, I had no idea why. Did I post something inappropriate? Is it a security bot check? Has my account been hacked? 

I read through their terms and conditions, rights and responsibilities, and to my knowledge nothing I might have done on Facebook would warrant such a ban. I followed their instructions via their only means of support, their "help centre" . Filled out the online form, for me to then get an email, the only email I have ever received since, that I was determined  ineligible to use Facebook, and couldn't provide me with an explanation why. Of course this was very frustrating, I had been eligible to use it for the past decade, why was I ineligible now? I did some research and everything pointed to me verifying my Identity. OK, that seems fair! 

So i filled out an appeal, with my government ID's to prove I am who I say I am, with additional info of what I believed was the problem, and even apologising in advance if I had done some 'wrong doing' I was unaware of. A week went by, no reply. Not wanting to be impatient but wanting to solve the problem as fast as possible, I then submitted more forms with government ID's again. A month went by, no reply. 

Obviously by this point, and like many, I am getting severely frustrated. I have many memories and photos uploaded on Facebook, friends and family, some of that information lost forever with no resolution to hand- even requesting a data download of my account which they won't comply with as well as my request to be reinstated....NO REPLY.

My concern was heightened when searching the web for more options on how to solve this problem to come across thousands of complaints all saying the same thing, that their account had been disabled without warning or reason, and had made similar attempts at trying to get hold of someone other than their help centre to receive no replies or help, and that Facebook does not offer consumers any support other than their help centre and automated responses, and when that fails, you have to get used to the fact that your Facebook, contacts and memories are gone forever. 

I went further, contacting the Better Business Bureau, Resolver, Get Human , any other website that might be able to reach Facebook better than I could personally. Even mentioning it on Twitter with their @Facebook handle. Still no replies, no luck.

And this has now gone on for 5 months, I was disabled in May 2019. Other users and complaints I have come across have been waiting an astonishing 2 years and still no better off.

Start a new Facebook you say? You are advised by Facebook and other informative techs NOT TO DO THIS as this indeed breaches Their rights and responsibilities, and will at some point get deleted anyway. Evidence of that I have witnessed in similar complaints of users that have dropped hope of receiving their old account and started a new one, to be then again disabled a week or so later, maybe because their IP address has been flagged or other informative means. 

My question is, when does this actually go against our civil and human rights? They have our information that we can't access, that surely is against our rights? They will not offer support adequate enough to their consumers. Do they realise the stress it causes someone when you feel completely disconnected and you have no idea why this has happened to you? 

This is what this petition is about. We would like Facebook to recognise that this is a issue and better solutions other than their help centre be offered. A live chat for the consumer perhaps?, our emails and concerns be heard, a phone number when all other attempts at solving a problem fail.... Some genuine solutions.  The consumer recognises terms and responsibilities Facebook sets, maybe Facebook should recognise ours! Stop trampling over our rights and start treating us like human beings if you really believe you want to bring communities together. 

If you agree with this petition then please sign it, show Facebook just how many people this is effecting. If the above has effected you, or someone you know, your name belongs on this petition.